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April 21, 2014

Forgotten Fables

A juicy little project has taken up residence in my writerly fingertips. It’s a collection of wee fairy tales. I can’t seem to force these guys out, but when they show up, it’s always a delight. I feel less like I’m creating them and more like I’m discovering them. Like little lost friends, newly found. I’ll be posting more from time to time, but if you want to keep up with the collection in its thus-far entirety, visit and “like” the official Forgotten Fables page on Facebook, here. The Pink Ukelele and the Firework was the first story to appear […]
August 12, 2014

Two Windows, One Choice

art by fantasim You never realize just how much stuff you’ve invited into your life until you have to pack it all up and haul it somewhere. Today I’m packing up life in cardboard boxes. Time to move. I marvel at the ways passion and devotion can equal accumulation: books, records, ticket stubs, playbills, love letters, photographs, receipts for purchases both large and small. I’ve spent ten years in this house and the remnants of proof call for assessment. I scrutinize each object, asking, “How does this serve me? Should I leave it behind? How about that? Shall I take […]
October 13, 2014

Life Itself

      She fell asleep dreaming of fairy tales and tattoos. And sometime between moonset and sunrise, a bumble bee hummed across the pages of her heart. He made a hive in Once Upon a Time, and honeycombs in Happily Ever After, and on the pages in between, he scattered pollen and sunshine, night blooming jasmine and foxglove. He offered cherry blossoms to the dark and brooding thoughts, forget me nots to the lonely, forgotten places. And in the morning, she awoke tasting the golden truth of her, like honey tucked inside the roses of her cheeks. I saw […]
November 13, 2014

The Second Chance Cafe

In July of 2000, I drove myself to Daytona Beach, 20 minutes west of my house in muggy, Central Florida to see Disney’s new film “The Kid.” I love most anything with Bruce Willis and the previews for this film were particularly fetching. I bought some Raisinets and settled into my chair in the darkened theater. The hour-and-a-half celluloid passed in a blink. This is what happened in the dark: The main character in the film, Russ Duritz, a sharp, clean cut, professional image consultant, who is about to turn forty, meets up with his pudgy, lisping, unkempt eight year […]