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June 16, 2015

The Tribe Gathering – Day 35

So Dave, also known as “Mr Cupcake” – and who couldn’t love a man who is named Mr. Cupcake? – challenged me to name what the first 30 days of the tribe did for me. Actually, he challenged ALL of us to put into words what our experience has been thus far, in a practical, tangible way. So, Mr. Cupcake, here you go. I’m going to call this story START WHERE YOU ARE. I noticed one day that some of my own muses, the women who stir my soul, whose messages are my own in so many ways, have one thing […]
June 16, 2015

The Tribe Gathering – Day 38

Dear Love Pies, So I’m working on a couple of bigger posts, and they’re not ready yet. I glance at my desktop and spy this quote. And it makes me curious, what are you doing with the gift of this day? How are you shining? Burning? Some will say “Well what about the rainy days?” And to them I say, the rain and clouds and storm are only on the surface level. Humans in airplanes can now know what the birds have known for ages: the sun burns bright beyond the storm. So, too, your soul. The surface of your […]