Meet Your Tribe
April 5, 2015
Doorways and Dreamfields – Week 2
June 15, 2015

Hello and welcome to the MUSE JUICE BOOK CLUB!

I’m delighted you showed up, and am elated to be your host and moderator. A quote, important note: if you’re not a member of our tribe (and haven’t signed up for my muse-letter) you won’t be able to participate. Please take a moment to sign up here.  You’ll receive a surprise gift from me right away via email, so there’s THAT to look forward to!

Now, for all members, here’s what you can expect, and what I ask of you:

Each Sunday I’ll be posting the discussion topic and questions for the book we’re reading that month, right here on this blog. The intention is to meet for the discussion the following day, Monday, any time.

This book club is an experiment, so really it’s life cycle is up to YOU.

The idea is that we have a virtual conversation. All of us sitting on the red velvet couches of my living room, sipping something delicious, as we discuss the books that change our lives and shape our reality. I am passionate about books, and yearn for a forum to discuss my favorite ones, munching on creative ideas with other brightly woven souls.

It’s a conversation.

A conversation cannot happen without exchange, and so I ask you for something that is rare and precious: your attention. It’s easy to wander off and forget that you’ve taken a place on the red couch, because we’re not on Facebook where you get regular reminders when posts or comments are made. But once you become a part of the conversation, please remember your place on the couch.

Stay a while. Share your own thoughts and discuss others’.

The post will go up on Sunday, the conversation stays open for a week, and the forum never really closes. But the intention is to meet on the Mondays, since we all fare better when we have regular times we know we can rely on each other to show up.

Answer as many or as few questions as you like. You can group all your reflections into one post or answer the questions in separate posts (allowing others to comment on each separately.)

PLEASE! If you have a question or topic you think would be good for any of our books, email me. Sometimes the most lively discussions are sparked by YOU, and the ideas that created from your experience.

Now sit back but let your spirit lean in. Grab your favorite glass of muse juice.

And let us begin.

Doorways and Dreamfields: A True Fairy Tale
by Angi Sullins

Discussion #1

1) What is your interpretation of the use of the term "magic" or "practical magic" in this book?

2) How do you define practical magic?

3) Name a few examples of practical magic in this book, and give us your reflections on how they make you feel. Please feel free to relate your own experiences with practical magic.

4) The author realizes she has always been able to see differently but hasn't always been able to use that ability to her advantage. In the course of the book, she learns to utilize her "handicap" to her advantage. Name something natural to you in childhood (a blessing or a handicap or both) that you now can use in the pursuit of practical magic.

5) How can the use of practical magic reshape or redefine your reality?

Doorways and Ddreamfields

Doorways and Dreamfields