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June 16, 2015

The Tribe Gathering – Day 32

Dear Love Pie Tribe, We’ve all heard this by now, or some form of it. It was the very early 90’s when I got my first audio cassette about “self talk.” It was a foreign concept at the time, but now is so permeated in our culture it’s become a catch phrase and a cliche. But how many of us are conscious of it on a daily basis? An hourly basis? A momentary basis? I know I’m not. And I like to think of myself as pretty damn aware. Last night I had a dream. All kinds of things happened, […]
June 15, 2015

Doorways and Dreamfields – Week 2

Welcome to WEEK #2 of our book club discussion. This week’s topic is BELIEF. BELIEF plays a big role in this book. The phrase “Believing is Seeing” comes up more than once. What does this mean to you? Can you think of a scene in the book that demonstrates the need to BELIEVE before the manifestation is ACHIEVED? Name the scene and characters involved. How did the belief affect the outcome? Name a situation where you BELIEVED beyond what you could see, and how it affected your achievements of manifestation.
June 8, 2015

Doorways and Dreamfields – Week 1

Hello and welcome to the MUSE JUICE BOOK CLUB! I’m delighted you showed up, and am elated to be your host and moderator. A quote, important note: if you’re not a member of our tribe (and haven’t signed up for my muse-letter) you won’t be able to participate. Please take a moment to sign up here.  You’ll receive a surprise gift from me right away via email, so there’s THAT to look forward to! Now, for all members, here’s what you can expect, and what I ask of you: Each Sunday I’ll be posting the discussion topic and questions for […]
April 5, 2015

Meet Your Tribe

You Belong   You’ve been wandering a long time. And in truth, you love to wander. But you crave home. You yearn for a sense of home inside yourself, no matter where you roam. You hunger for a home that knows you are worth loving, unconditionally. You sense that somewhere, there is a place full of kindred spirits… who will call you home, light the path, re-member you back to yourself when you’ve fallen or failed or forgotten your way,   And secretly you hope they are the kind of people who can say “fuck” and “spirit” and “love” and […]

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