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...and we'll live, and pray and sing and tell old tales,
and laugh at gilded butterflies...
and take upon us the mystery of things,
as if we were God's spies.


WARNING! This trip isn’t for everyone. It’s for kindred souls who also believe they are spies in the House of Wonder.

And we know who you are by the misty-eyed look that comes over you when you catch site of an antique carousel.




Hot air balloons, accordion music and rose petal sidewalks make you bounce all giddy on your tippy toes. You’ve really never been able to get over seeing Moulin Rouge in the theater, and some part of you still lives in the glitterfest decadence of that film.

Romance wears a feather skirt and dances a can can in the center of your heart.

Fresh cut flowers and decadent gardens can send you into heady rapture, and a good book with a glass of wine is how you’d describe your perfect afternoon.




You’ve turned window shopping into an art form and flea marketing into a sort of worshipful religion all your own.




Pedaling a turquoise bicycle through twisty lanes with a basket full of croissants sounds like a dream come true, though you’re equally excited about a pink moped full of macaroons.

And then there are the lights: twinkle lights in twilight trees, candle light on a red and white table cloth, yellow shimmer light from an old gas lamp sighing in the fog. You love the way light sparkles and plays with shadows on the walls. This is because you ARE the light, and your soul is the Seine, reflecting your glow across ripples of luminosity.


Paris has always felt like home. Even if you’ve never been, its call to you is as familiar and loving as if you grew up together. And you yearn to be reunited.


Angi Sullins ins Paris




9 Day Budapest Muse Juice Tour
and Holiday Market Extravaganza
December 8-16, 2016


Muse Juice Tours - Paris Itenerary


If your heart years to live its practical magic, and you’re brave enough to admit you deserve to be happy, this is your tour.

I, as your muse, provide the spark of inspiration, but together we’ll ignite the flames of creativity, communion and friendship.




Not just artists working within traditional media, but life artists as well. Especially life artists. Just like starting with a white canvas or staring at a blank screen is vulnerable business, so, too, is creating the life you’ve always wanted. That might be the most vulnerable business of all. We have to believe we are worthy. We have to be willing to risk things not living up to our expectations, but go forward anyway in pursuit of our desires, our joy. And along the way there are setbacks and traumas. We lose our way. We grow tired. We hemorrhage creative blood to demands and logistics. And we need an infusion of inspiration. A remembrance of our deservedness. An awakening to our worthiness.

And sometimes we are vibrantly successful. We are living on a high. And we give and give and give from that place and find ourselves desperately in need of receiving. To be the receiver instead of the giver, the doer. We need the muse to take us by the hand, wrap us in wings both tender and firey, and kindle us back to passionate fullness, overflowing and ready to share our gifts once again.


If you’re at the point where you need an infusion of light and inspiration, to experience the worthiness of your own pleasure, and to ignite your inner child magic, this trip has your name all over it.








For one week, we’ll travel as a pack, and commune as a tribe. Remember when you were young and traveled with a group of girls? We’re bringing it all back, slumber party style. We’ll restore our Bohemian artist roots, and share an apartment, meals, conversations, ideas and magic. You’ll have your own bed, but some will sleep in the same room, as metro Paris is not known for its large dwellings.


We’ll travel as a pack, commune as a tribe, and restore our wild, Bohemian roots. We will dazzle. We will shine.






If you need long periods of unbroken silence or solitude, this trip isn’t for you. You’ll have the option to break away from the group at any time, and unstructured time is allotted in the schedule, but the goal is to form a synergistic vibe, where the sum total of our experience is greater than its individual parts.

Together, we will become God’s spies in the House of Wonder, and swill muse juice til we’re once again overflowing with the delight of our world, our art and our own selves.




Your life is a handmade work of art.
So is this tour.

Enrollment includes:

  • Your muse travel guide
  • Lodgings in gorgeous Bohemian apartment in Paris
  • Daily mini muse workshops, designed to take you deeper into your own juicy creative process (bring your journal or sketchbook!)
  • Admission to Luxembourg Garden Puppet show
  • Admission to Paris Opera House
  • Admission to ride the Sultan’s Elephant in Nantes
  • Admission to ride Jules Verne Steampunk Carousel
  • Admission to Fairground Art Museum & The Greatest Tour on Earth!
  • 24 hour assistance in case of emergency

Not included:

  • Airfare to Paris
  • Train to Nantes
  • Metro tickets
  • Meals
  • Insurance (optional)

Prices for 2018 to be announced


You’ll notice we’re not visiting the major museums, and we’re only visiting a few of the really tourist spots, for good reason. Paris in summer is a hopping time. It’s crowded, and we want to spend our time soaking up all the inspiration, while also enjoying conversation and creativity, not waiting in lines and fighting crowds. If you’ve never been to Paris before and really want to see the Louvre or travel to the top of the Eiffel tower, there’s a few hours of unstructured time in the schedule, but you might want to book a more traditional tour if this is your #1 priority.


Since we are such an intimate, beloved group, space is limited to EIGHT participants.


fairy tales, inner-child play, romance, decadence, whimsy, champagne, carousels, hot air balloons, cabarets, Cirque du Soleil, puppets, the World’s Fair, fine art crafts, the smell of old books, gypsy style, carnival, gramophones, old theaters, red velvet curtains, dancing like no one’s watching, independent film, antiques, gardens, castles, book stores, masquerades, hot chocolate, strolling along a riverbank, Art Nouveau, all things quirky and charming, chandeliers, accordion music, plush velvet sofas, libraries, unicorns, steampunk, myth, magic, animatronics, the golden age of children’s book illustrations, Victorian furniture, picnics, tulips, toy sailboats, throwing wishing coins in a fountain… this tour’s for YOU!


adventure over security, spontaneity over tight schedules, curiosity over judgement, fun over routine, decadence over modesty, splendor over simplicity... we got you, baby!


a writer, a painter, a poet, a Bohemian, a dreamer, a dancer, a mother to children four footed or two footed, a seeker, a lover, a possiblitarian, a believer, a chef, a designer, a gypsy, an imagineer, a hopeful romantic, a whimsy hunter, a comedian, a laugh-er, a star gazer, a story collector... JOIN US! We are waiting for you in the City of Lights.

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