Twinkling lights. Mulled wine. Sparkling carousels.
Sidewalk markets. Holiday windows.
Paris dressed in its finest glittering attire.

Christmas doesn’t get more romantic than this!


How do you feel about Paris?


Hot air balloons, accordion music and leaf covered sidewalks make you bounce all giddy on your tippy toes. You’ve really never been able to get over seeing Moulin Rouge in the theater, and some part of you still lives in the glitterfest decadence of that film.

Romance wears a feather skirt and dances a can can in the center of your heart.

Handmade chocolates and shabby chic antiques can send you into heady rapture, and a good book with a glass of wine is how you’d describe your perfect afternoon.

space16You’ve turned window shopping into an art form and flea marketing into a sort of worshipful religion all your own.




space16Paris has always felt like home. Even if you’ve never been, its call to you is as familiar and loving as if you grew up together. And you yearn to be reunited.


Angi Sullins ins Paris


And if you’ve been? Then you long to go back, because it feels like a family reunion.


And now you can experience a magical holiday homecoming with me!










This tour is limited to 10 participants

For one week, we’ll travel as a pack, and commune as a tribe. Remember when you were young and traveled with a group of girls? We’re bringing it all back, slumber party style. We’ll restore our Bohemian artist roots, and share an apartment, meals, conversations, ideas and magic. You’ll have your own bed, but some will sleep in the same room, as metro Paris is not known for its large dwellings.

Husbands, lovers and darling men of all kinds are welcome.


 We’ll travel as a pack, commune as a tribe, and restore our wild, Bohemian roots. We will dazzle. We will shine.





If you need long periods of unbroken silence or solitude, this trip isn’t for you. You’ll have the option to break away from the group at any time, and unstructured time is allotted in the schedule, but the goal is to form a synergistic vibe, where the sum total of our experience is greater than its individual parts.



Your life is a handmade work of art.
So is this tour.


Glimpse your future through the window of what others have experienced:


“You shared Paris with me – Magician-like – in the left hand- a bountiful bouquet, in the right – an ancient mirror – reflecting my own artist-muse soul. I can’t thank you enough dear Angi. Everyone should see Paris with her muse.”
Julia, New Mexico

“Euphoria! I am singing! I NEVER sing out loud! My heart is so full I can’t keep from singing! You’ve enriched my life and all the lives around me. You are a “domino” effect!”
Cindy G, Oregon

“You’ve changed my life. I loved Paris and all its delights, but our conversations were real magic for my real life. I cannot thank you enough.”
Cindi L, Texas

Pure magic and the trip of a lifetime. Angi’s special talents as a muse-ologist manifested on so many levels throughout the trip. She revels in the wonder that is everywhere and brings you in on the journey!  She is a hurricane of energy and an inspiration at every turn. I feel so truly feel so blessed that we “will always have Paris.”
Ann P., Rhode Island

“A dream come true. Paris has been filled with treasure for the eyes, glimmering gold, patina, lights, song, laughter and true joy. But the biggest nugget of delicious treasure is the time with you. You’ve changed my life, my art, my vision.”
Jennifer, California

“Thank you for sharing your Paris with me, a place of intoxicating warmth, whimsy, charm, wonder, tattered beauty and golden opulence. Our conversations opened doorways for my seeking soul. Every step, every experience, each adventure with you has been a precious treasure in my heart palace. You are a gift on so many levels.”
Catherine, New Mexico

“I had no idea that Angi in Paris would bring me into myself, the self that’s free to fly…”
Bill H., Rhode Island

Join me for 8 days of pure revelry!
November 30 – December 8 2017

What’s included:

  • Lodgings in our shared tribe apartment
  • Merchant of Marvels: A day at the Paris Flea Market
  • Phantom of the Opera: a tour of the 1897 Opera House
  • Midnight in Paris: a night walk tour in the city of lights (weather permitting)
  • Holiday Market Tour along the Champs Elysee (hand made goodies and original art)
  • Shopping under one of the prettiest stained glass ceilings in the world
  • A visit to Amelie’s neighborhood: carousels, cafes, cabarets and more!
  • A tour of “When a Train Station becomes an art museum”
  • An excursion to Chartres Cathedral where you’ll have the chance to walk the thousand year old stone labyrinth(train fare separate)
  • A day of surprises that will blow. your. mind.
  • A cup of goddess elixir: the best hot chocolate liquid lava you’ve ever had
  • A visit of the bookstore Oprah called “the most charming bookstore alive”
  • A walk down memory lane: The buildings and bridges of the 1900 World Exhibition
  • Your own personal muse and guide
  • Free time for shopping


  • Concert in a centuries old living jewel box
  • Dinner cruise down the Seine in antique wooden art nouveau boat (a must!)
  • Lunch with the muses

Prices and Booking

Book me now!

$2750 (based on double occupancy. If you need a single, contact us for price.)

Hold my spot! $800

Fully refundable until September 15th 2017

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