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March 7, 2014

Matchstick Box

My heart is a diamond matchstick boxfull of lightning flowersbright-blossom incendiarypetalsstrike me and Iburst into bloom.My heart is a moonpearl nautilus, endless chambered spiral circle, ancient siren song embedded in ever-widening circles cradled to your ear it whispers a low tide of hush-now lullaby. My heart is a feathered faraway bird a phoenix rising fierce and free Burn me. Blaze me. Bury me in the ashes and I rise a wounded healer, a trail of glory, my tears the balm that soothes, the medicine that mends, the song that calls us home. My heart is a Rose of Sharon, opening, opening a […]
May 7, 2014

You Are Adored

You may not see itor, more accurately,you may not remember it,but you are a radiant jewel,a burning star in God’s palm. Rainbow-splendored and multi-faceted, you are brilliance incarnate, formed to receive and reflect the light. And you are adored. Forged of emerald cities, ruby slippers and bricks of golden dreams, you are a fairy tale a walking, talking practical magic. A Never-ending story, you unfold, dabbling in wonder and dripping enchantment like pomegranate seeds eaten willingly to form the turning of the seasons. Each chapter of your tale reads “adored.” You are seraphim clouds breathed into the heavens. All cotton-candy […]