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September 29, 2020

The Gypsy in Your Soul…

She could no longer contain the gypsy in her soul. The gypsy escaped one night, and covered her life in glitter. Ever after, she belched at will, and in public. She wore cowboy boots, flapper hats and anything with fringe. It was not uncommon to see her squatting in the side yard, freeing her bladder among the hollyhocks and clover. “Ya’ll” and “wheeeee!” and “fuck” became her favorite words, and she worked them into even the most banal of conversations, of which she had very few, no longer being someone who entertained banal conversations. She said no a lot more, […]
September 28, 2020

Charm, charm, charm!

FINDING WONDERLAND Part 14 – This one is a bit out of the way in southwest Scotland but we just had to consider it because…charm charm charm! Thought you would all appreciate the fairy tale aspects. Would you live here? That glass atrium is a delight! .
September 26, 2020

There is No Shame….

There is no shame here. The rubble in your life is an earthquake of soul shaking you awake crumbling all that’s inessential to your most authentic self. And you? You are too big for words like shame for words like blame. You? You are wild volcanic soul melting everything that does not belong. Burn, woman, burn. Move through the world in ever-widening steps. Own your transformation in the arc of your shoulders in the expanse of your heart. Dance like your hips move mountains casting off everything that does not belong. There is no shame here. Your ancestors knew that […]
September 25, 2020

A Gothic Beauty –

FINDING WONDERLAND- This one!!! This gothic beauty has the potential to be a living dwelling in the back two rooms of the chapel and our event space as well. I am swooning for it big time. However, as we wait for a building survey of its extensive damage, we realize that is likely too far gone for a reasonable amount of money to save. A wealthy investor could do this place up right! Along with its price tag, it will likely take close to a million to bring it out of its derelict state. And then more funds to refurbish […]